Author: Kyle Collinsworth

What’s in My Smoothies!?

Check out a video of a detailed look inside all the ingredients that goes into one of my morning smoothies! Ingredients Bag of Watercress (Grower Pete’s) can get it at Sprouts two handfuls of Spinach and Kale half a cup of Pineapple half a cup of Strawberries 1 scoop (5 grams) of L-Glutamine spoonful of Flax Seeds 80z of Almond milk You can switch up the fruits. I love putting raspberries in with Watercress because it blends well with it and covers the bad taste of Watercress. You can also add Chia seeds instead of Flax seeds. Mix it...

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The Four W’s to Achieving Your Goals

“If you want to be happy , set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hope” Andrew Carnegie. I truly believe that when a person wakes up with a defined purpose and goals in sight he is a much happier person. Goals push us to do great things and allow us to grow in many aspects of life. It’s when we master the ability to clearly set goals and achieve them we begin to reach our full potential. When setting/achieving goals it helps me when I clearly understand the 4 Ws; Who, Why, Where,...

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Since joining the Texas Legends I got nicknamed “AirMormon” by my teammate Jameel Warney and now everyone on my team calls me that. That name stuck and now I created a T-shirt in honor of the name #AIRMORMON. Buy your #AIRMORMON T-SHIRT below!!  ...

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Win Texas Legends Team Signed Jersey

Want your very own team signed Texas Legends game jersey? Enter our drawing for a chance to win an autographed Kyle Collinsworth  jersey with signatures from Ben Gordon, Dejuan Blair, Manny Harris, Jameel Warney, AJ Hammons, C.J Williams, Satnam Singh, Keith Hornsby, and Bryson Fonville. There are FOUR ways to enter: Subscribe to the AG5 newsletter Like or Follow Athlete’s Guide 5 on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Share or retweet Athlete’s Guide 5 on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Make a comment on one of the blog posts A winner will be chosen from all the entries on  March 15th,...

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What Does Living The Word Of Wisdom Really Mean?

What the Word of Wisdom Means to Me Growing up LDS I was taught to live the word of wisdom. This means abstaining from Alcohol, drugs, coffee, and some forms of tea. Growing up I was always under the asumption that if I avoided this things I was living the word of wisdom and that I was doing what I should to take care of my body. If I just avoid those things am I living the word of wisdom? Today I think of the word of wisdom in a whole different light. It’s no longer a list of...

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ACL Recovery Club

Get access to defined details of my 6 month ACL recovery process with videos and inspiring instructions on how to stay in the moment and defeat ACL surgery.