Author: Kyle Collinsworth


“In order to do great big things you have to consistently do the small things good.” What Makes Shea Great If you don’t think doing the little things makes a difference think again! I have seen my wife put in countless hours of hard work, and on top of that I have seen her grasp the importance of doing the little things! From eating healthy, to stretching, and getting good sleep she has continued to improve and break records. On Saturday February 11, 2017 Shea ran a 2:01.42 breaking the BYU Indoor school record in the 800m. Her time...

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3 by 3 Challenge: Body, Mind, and Spirit

I’ve started a new thing where everyday I pick my three most important things I need to for each of the following… Body, Mind, and Spirit.¬† Here is an example of what this might look like on an average day for me Body (todays to do list) ¬†Have My green smoothie lift and do core exercises night time smoothie Mind Visualize success for 5 minutes Read over my goals read a chapter in my book Spirit Say morning and night prayers read scriptures find one person to help today   I know during the Course of a day if...

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Which Dunk was Better?

Pretty cool to think a few years ago I had ACL surgery and everyone said I would lose some of my athleticism and wouldn’t be able to jump as high. I don’t think those people were right! Never let anyone or anything stop you! Keep believing !! Which Dunk is better? This dunk?? or…..   This Dunk?? Comment below with Dunk A or Dunk B...

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ACL Recovery Club

Get access to defined details of my 6 month ACL recovery process with videos and inspiring instructions on how to stay in the moment and defeat ACL surgery.