“In order to do great big things you have to consistently do the small things good.”

What Makes Shea Great

If you don’t think doing the little things makes a difference think again! I have seen my wife put in countless hours of hard work, and on top of that I have seen her grasp the importance of doing the little things! From eating healthy, to stretching, and getting good sleep she has continued to improve and break records. On Saturday February 11, 2017 Shea ran a 2:01.42 breaking the BYU Indoor school record in the 800m. Her time is ranked #2 in the NCAA , #5 all-time in NCAA history, and currently ranked #4 in the world.


Nobody sleeps better than Shea. She gets anymore from 9-10 hours of sleep a night and she is always going to bed early. If you are an athlete and striving to achieve goals and do great things sleep has to be a big priority for you. Recovery is key and sleep is the best way for your body to recover.

Healthy Eating

Shea has a green smoothie everyday and makes sure she gets plenty of water and food so she has energy to train and food to recover. Another thing she likes to do is take a good multi-vitamin, L-Glutamine, and Vitamin D. This helps her body to gain maximize recovery, along with sleep.

Mental Approach

Shea works with Doctor Manning on her ability to improve her mental strength and confidence. Tapping into this source has improved her focus during races. In her race when she ran the 5th fastest time, the rabbit pacing the race stepped to the outside, not knowing she was there and Shea bumped into her and forced her to move to the outside. Without her mental focus this could of cost her the race and her time, but she was able to remain focused and race the best race of her career.

These are just a few things that have helped Shea get to this point. Below are her best times from her freshman year to now.

Freshmen Personal Best: 2:05.98

Sophomore Personal Best: 2:04.35

Junior Personal Best: 2:02.83

Senior (still going on until June 2017) Personal Best: 2:01.42

“In order to do great big things you have to consistently do the small things good.”