Studies say in order to put on muscle during strenuous workouts an athlete needs close to 1 pound of protein per body weight. I weigh 220 pounds so I need at least 200 grams of protein everyday. With all the sweating and running an athlete does they can lose a lot of vitamins and minerals and will need additional supplements to make sure they aren’t lacking in any vitamins or minerals.

Most Professional athletes take protein and supplements in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy throughout the year. It’s important to understand that the word supplement means an addition, which means it doesn’t replace the vitamins, minerals, and protein you should get from food, it’s just an addition to the food you eat.

Here’s a little inside access to all the supplements and protein Shea and I take daily and weekly. Check it out..

 SFH protein (Daily) I take one scoop in the morning and one scoop at night. Shea likes to have her scoop right after practice and Shea will have it at nigh too, if she feels like she needs the extra protein for the day. We like this protein cause it’s grass fed whey, which makes it a lot better for you then other whey protein. This product has 24g per scoop and we have two scoops a day and get 48g a day from this protein. Purchase here.
l-glutamine L-Glutamine (Daily) Purchase here we’ve talked a lot about this supplement before but we love this for helping our bodies recovery. It’s a crucial amino acid that provides the body a way to recover and increase muscle strength. We add 5 grams to our protein shake in the morning and 5 grams to our protein shake at night.
creatine-onCreatine (Daily) Add 5 grams pre-workout with my amino energy drink. This helps aid recovery too and helps add increased muscle strength. Purchase here
amino-energy Amino Energy (Daily) Take this about an hour pre practice to provide some natural energy and give me some of the amino acids my body needs. Our favorite flavor is the watermelon. This stuff is amazing and has natural caffeine. Shea and I take about  10 grams (2 scoops) a day. It’s also a good afternoon pick me up if you get tired or drowsy in the afternoons. Click here to purchase.
alpha-base-multivitamins Multivitamin (Daily) Always good to take a multivitamin to ensure you are getting a well balanced amount of all your vitamins. Purchase here.
vitamin-d Vitamin D (weekly) We Take 1-2 of these a pills a week to make sure we get enough vitamin.  It’s crazy how many athletes are deficient in Vitamin D. Especially if you live in Utah during the winter it’s crucial you get enough vitamin D in your system. Helps fights sickness and keeps you healthy and strong. Purchase here
magnesium-calmMagnesium (Daily) Take a scoop and mix it with water right before we go to bed to help us relax. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and helps the muscles recover. We absolutely love this brand and the calming feeling it gives our body before we go to bed. Purchase here
Those are all the supplements we are currently taking to keep our bodies healthy and strong! What supplements and protein do you take?