What the Word of Wisdom Means to Me

Growing up LDS I was taught to live the word of wisdom. This means abstaining from Alcohol, drugs, coffee, and some forms of tea. Growing up I was always under the asumption that if I avoided this things I was living the word of wisdom and that I was doing what I should to take care of my body. If I just avoid those things am I living the word of wisdom?

Today I think of the word of wisdom in a whole different light. It’s no longer a list of things I need to avoid. To me the word of wisdom is about taking care of my body. In the title you find the word ‘wisdom’ because when you live this law you are blessed with wisdom and health. To me the word of wisdom is beyond the ‘do not use list.’ It’s about taking care of my body. Today I believe too much of soda, sugar, and other harmful substances should be considered harmful and unhealthy to our bodies. I think it’s time we stop just looking at the list of do not’s and start fully understanding the logic behind the word of wisdom. It’s truly about finding moderation in all things and finding health and strength. In my opinion just because a person does not drink alcohol, coffee, and tea and does not smoke does not mean he is fully living the word of wisdom. The word of wisdom is much bigger than just the ‘do not use list.’ The word of wisdom is counsel to take care of our bodies.

Harmful Substances

I think the word Harmful Substances has many meanings. Growing up I just thought that meant drugs and alcohol, but today that has changed. Research has shown the scary truth behind fast food, soda, and too much sugar. Behind these things is a lot of harmful substances that can cause great damage to our bodies if not used in small amounts or moderation. America’s obesity rate is growing and diabetes and cancer are at a all time high and I believe majority of this stems from the foods that we eat. We need to find moderation in all things and look to food as a source of health and energy. The saying we are what we eat has true meaning.

More than just a ‘do not use list’

As members of the LDS faith I think we are so quick to judge people off the ‘do not use list’ instead of fulling understanding the meaning of the word of wisdom. It counsels us to take care of our bodies and if we live off of soda and fast food and never exercise we are not taking care of our bodies. Harmful substances are found in many forms and because some are not on the ‘do not use list’ we overlook their negative ability to damage our health and spirit. Some of the promises of the word of wisdom are found in verses 19-20 in Doctrine & Covenants. 19  And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; 20 And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint. Are you seeing these promises? My hope is that after reading this you will look at the word of wisdom in a different light and understand that it’s more than just avoiding the ‘do not use list’ found in D&C section 89. Just because someone avoids the ‘do not use list’ are they really living the word of wisdom? Are you really taking care of your bodies with healthy food and exercise? Remember you only have one body so why not take great care of it!?

What does the word of wisdom mean to you?