My Before Bed Smoothie

I usually have this smoothie around 9 p.m. to ensure I get my daily amount of protein and to help fill me up. I used to eat a meal around 9 p.m. cause I would get so hungry, but now I try to have a smoothie so it digests easier.

Why Avoid eating too Late?

The older you get in age the wiser it would be to avoid eating super late. As Athletes we need to eat more and at times we have to eat late to keep up our calories and keep our bodies going. The reason I would suggest not eating late is cause when you eat late all the blood goes into your stomach to help digest the food. This distracts the blood from going throughout the body to heal and help recover muscles. If you are young and in your teens still try to avoid eating any meals after 9 p.m. and if you are older than that I would suggest not eating any meals even sooner. Don’t eat heavy meats at night as well cause it’s really hard to digest on your body.

What food do you eat before you go to bed?