We compiled up a bunch of stats to help visually show you how important it is to eat healthy and take care of your body. Eating unhealthy can be really expensive… Here is why!

-If you spend 30 minutes working out it’s only 2% of your day leaving 98% of your day left.

-The average household spends around 850 dollars a year on soft drinks.

-Only 1 in 10 Americans eat their daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

-75% of healthcare money goes to treating preventable chronic diseases, which are mostly caused by a poor diet.

-2/3 of Americans are now overweight.

-Less than 3% of adults live a healthy lifestyle.

-Of all fluids drank daily only 30% is water and the other 70% being soft drinks and drinks with added sugar.

-According to the CDC, 30% of all children that are from the ages 2-19 are classified as overweight or obese and it’s been estimated that 1 in 3 children who are born in the year 2000 will have diabetes at some point in their life.

-As of January 2015, the average American spends about $1,200 a year on fast food. Americans consume fast food twice a week, spending, on average, $12.50 per meal. 70% of Americans consume fast food up to three times a week, while 7 percent consume it on a daily basis.

-29 million people in the United States (9.3 percent) have diabetes and these numbers are rising every year.

-People with diagnosed diabetes incur average medical expenditures of about $13,700 per year, of which about $7,900 is attributed to diabetes. People with diagnosed diabetes, on average, have medical expenditures approximately 2.3 times higher than what expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes.

-According to gallup.com as of 2013 the average American gets 6.8 hours of sleep a night and 14% of people get less than 5 hours a night. An adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

-1 in 25,000 people have a six pack. You have a better chance of being a millionaire than having a six pack.

-1 in 4 men between the ages 25-44 still smoke even despite knowing all the bad health effects that come from smoking.

-The average man watches around 3 hours of TV a day. Shows we all have time to exercise if you really make it a priority.

-Despite breakfast being the most important meal of the day 31 million people skip breakfast daily about (10%) of the population.

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When people think of fast food they think of the words convenient and cheap. Although it may be “convenient” it for sure isn’t cheap especially in the long run. With the new year coming up please start setting goals to improve your life by making good eating choices and taking 30 minutes a day to exercise. I always say you can’t put a price tag on good health. We have one body so why not take great care of it!

If you want to be healthy, but you just seem lost and don’t know where to start send an email or comment and we will be happy to help you out!

Have a happy and healthy Day!