When I tore my ACL I spend tons of time doing research on the internet and reading books so I could quickly return to playing the game I loved. Nutrition was always highly mentioned with regards to making a fast recovery. From the time I tore my ACL a few years ago to now I have discovered a few great books on nutrition that have opened my eyes to the power of food and what it really can do for you. Consider the following:

Deep Nutrition


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Review: Physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, M.D. uses her own experiences as an athlete to find results to improve her own health and wellness. She covers the 4 pillars of a healthy diet and dives into how food can alter the DNA of kids. She takes the saying “we are what we eat” in a literal meaning. She talks in great detail about the great benefits of eating bone broth and using that as a staple of your diet. She believes it’s time to take some lessons we learned from our ancestors and begin to take on the same eating habits they had. She dives into why are genes need traditional food to maximize our health and beauty.

My Thoughts: This is the book where I discovered bone broth and the great impact it could have on my joints and body to help me feel strong and healthy as an athlete. This book was fascinating because it talks about the power food has to alter your genes in a good or bad way. The saying “we are what we eat” took on a literal meaning for me after reading this book.  Dive into this book and Buy (click here) and you will be fascinated by the great impact it can have on your health if you follow it’s principles.


The Green Smoothie Prescription


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 Review: Victoria Boutenko provides a detailed guide of the amazing benefits green smoothies can add to our health. Listed in the book are 150 smoothie recipes to improve a specific health problem. She has smoothies to cover all health areas anyone could think of. She is a raw food expert and understanding the benefits of eating food raw she uses smoothies a loop hole to add better taste and make it easier to eat.

My Thoughts: The Green Smoothie Prescription has recipes for morning sickness, acne, joint pain, sleeping, and many more areas. Boutenko has an A-to-Z list of the most effective nutrients in battling everything from minor colds and aches and pains to chronic conditions and weight loss. She also has a list from A-Z of all the fruits, vegetables, and seeds you could think of, and goes over in detail their nutritional content. This book changed the way I make smoothies and the way I feel. These unique smoothies are convenient, fast, and she finds a way to make it easy to consume all the nutrients you need in a day. Each smoothie contains the right amount of greens necessary to achieve great health and have great energy.  I couldn’t believe the change I felt after having her smoothies. Grab the book (click here) and start your path to great health.


Eat Right 4 Your Type


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Review: Dr. Peter D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney explore the power of eating right for your blood type. They dive into the four types of blood and have expense research done to display certain foods and exercise that is most beneficial to the type of blood that you have. Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry. Some blood types do well with meat and some do well with dairy. They take us through a detailed journey of how we may be eating healthy, but we may not be eating the right kind of healthy for our blood type.

My thoughts: This was another fascinating book that again changed the way I ate and the way I understood nutrition. I am a O blood, which in the book is called a “hunter and gather” I do well with eating meat and I don’t do well with dairy or grains. It’s pretty interesting because I am actually allergic to dairy so I thought that was a cool correlation with the book. I loved the book and It changed my diet and gave me a better idea how to maximize my health for MY body. Each individual is different and requires different food to thrive and have altima health and this book is the guide to show you just how to do that. If you have felt terrible for years and can’t understand why let your blood do the talking. Purchase (click here) and start your journey to great health. I’m going to do a blog post on eating for your blood type in more detail in the next couple of weeks so look out for that here soon.

These three books are my favorite nutrition books that I’ve read, they changed the way I view nutrition and they taught me what foods to eat to take proper care of my body.

Comment below with any questions and share your favorite nutrition books so we can all learn!