Recovery Tools for Anytime and Anywhere

Playing college with BYU and now as a Professional playing  7 preseason games with the mavericks and now playing in the D-league with the Texas Legends I have done a lot traveling. Playing back to back games sometimes in the D-league we will take a flight on the same day we play a game. You have to find great tools that can help you recover that are accessible to you on the road.

Each of the recovery tools I have don’t require a trainer or anyone else to help me. It’s accessible to me wherever I am at!

Recovery Tools

Hyperice cold compression knee wrap. (in Picture above)

All you need to do is find ice and wrap it on and you can go anywhere without worrying about it leaking. It’s ice on the go. This is a must buy (purchase here) I can’t go without these on the road or home. No trainer needed to wrap in on it’s an anywhere, anytime tool to recover. They also have these for ankles, backs, and shoulders. This is my favorite recovery tool.


Pure Enrichment Muscle Stimulator

It’s a stem machine on the go that you can apply to an area and use it on the bus traveling or in the hotel. It’s a really cheap price for what it can do, Purchase here


Hypersphere by Hyper Ice

It’s a three speed localized therapy ball that is great for isolating certain muscles and knots. I use this to roll out more than anything else. It’s a great tool to get out knots and roll out. It’s always in my suit case when I’m on the road for games,  Purchase here


Tigers tail

While seating down on the airplane or bus you can use this to roll out muscles and stay loose. Purchase here


2XU Recovery Compression Tights


Right after games I roll out and stretch using my hypersphere ball and tigers tail and  I get ice using my Hyperice knee wrap and then I shower and put on my 2XU compression tights to help speed up the recovery process. These are great to put on right after games for a few hours. I know when I was with the Dallas Mavericks guys would put them on right after games and wear them on the plane ride home. Great purchase for on the road recovery

With these recovery tools you’ll have everything you need to recovery wherever you are at, on the road or at home.

How do you recover?